Trip to the Inner Hebrides May 2017 (Day 3)

Day 3 – Sunday 14th May 2017


DSCF7461-2The view at 5 o’clock in the morning with the Outer Hebrides in the distance … and then at breakfast when they seemed to disappear…


For our first day proper on Skye we set out to explore Neist Point, the most westerly tip of Skye in the area known as Durinish.

En route we stopped to visit a silver jewellery maker Skye Silver . It was all very fascinating but as I hadn’t taken a single bird photograph up to that point  I was chomping at the bit to move on to Neist Point in the hope of viewing some sea birds.

MT1D0997Loch Dunvegan

When we arrived at Neist Point the wind was so strong and so cold that we didn’t venture very far other than to take a photo of the lighthouse.

MT1D1016The Neist Point Lighthouse

The few sea birds we could see were very distant.  However, my patience was soon rewarded as we saw a wheatear and the first of many skylarks.

MT1D1074A bird photo at last – a wheatear


MT1D1112Our first skylark on Skye

On the way back we went on to explore the far end of the remote Waternish peninsula with the thought of doing a walk the next day. It was again extremely blowy and we didn’t stop for long other than to visit The Shilasdair Shop which specialises in yarns which have been naturally dyed by the Skye Yarn Company.  The dyes are created using natural ingredients such as local plants like tansy, meadowsweet and heather, as well as natural dyestuffs from further afield such as indigo, logwood, madder and cochineal.

Day 4 – Monday 15th May


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