3rd May 2023 – Bowood Woodland Garden, Wiltshire

We visited the woodland walks and rides of Bowood House in Wiltshire which are open to the public only from mid-April to early June.

There are over two miles of meandering paths through the woodland valleys with wonderful vistas of bluebells, magnolias and azaleas (and later rhododendrons).

Our best “bird” moment was at the open air café at the beginning of the walk where we were serenaded by a yellowhammer – its song has a rhythm similar to the phrase “a little bit of bread and no cheese”.

The azaleas are probably at their best

The bluebells are still looking glorious

Magnolias probably won’t keep these flowers for long with wind and rain forecast

Japanese Andromeda (I think)

The azaleas through the wooded glades

It was my wife’s first major walk on crutches following her hip replacement operation just over 3 weeks ago and must have lifted her spirits no end – it certainly did mine.

Slideshow of my photos from this morning:

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