18th October 2022 – Cannington and Steart Marshes, Somerset

On our way to Steart Marshes in Somerset to do a spot of birdwatching we discovered a gem of a garden at Cannington near Bridgwater. In fact, we spent most of the day at The Walled Gardens of Cannington and left only a small amount of time for Steart Marshes (which was just as well as the wetlands were very dry and not as exciting as usual).

One section of the garden was called “The Mediterranean Garden” and it was such a beautiful day that you could easily have thought that you had been transported to the Mediterranean.

“The Willow Monster” with Cannington Priory behind

A section of the Mediterranean Garden

Wedding Cake Tree

A section of the Blue Garden

A dunnock adorned the wall

The Bishop’s Garden

The Southern Hemisphere Garden

The rose beds were quite amazing with lots of flowers still in bloom

The Botanical Glasshouse was worth the visit alone

It felt cooler in the glasshouse than outdoors

Such wonderful colours everywhere

Slideshow of photos from the Walled Gardens of Cannington:

There weren’t many waders at Steart as everything was so dry but we saw plenty of raptors looking for a meal.

A lone little egret on the marshes

Kestrel in flight

Little egret in flight

Slideshow of photos from Steart Marshes:

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