21st June 2022 – Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire

We made the most of another lovely day and had a walk around the village of Frampton-on-Severn and, in particular, to the lake behind Frampton Court.

The main attraction was the big flocks of Barnacle, Greylag and Canada geese. There were lots of meadow brown butterflies as well as damselflies and dragonflies; but it was too hot to stand around trying to photograph them.

Barnacle geese in front of Frampton Court

Barnacle goose

Greylag geese

Barnacle geese

Canada geese

Pied wagtail

Meadow brown butterfly

Common blue damselfly

This is why blackbirds go quiet about now as they begin to moult (and hide whilst they are unable to fly)

Our walk ended at the Bell Inn on the village green, which is reputed to be the longest in England, and a fine lunch.

The village green at Frampton


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