5th April 2022 – Chew Valley, North Somerset

Having recovered from COVID it’s been good to get out and about these last few days. My Achilles’ tendon injury still limits how far I can walk but I’ve taken the opportunity to see bird activity around Chew Valley and Blagdon lakes without venturing too far from my car.

The most attractive birds have been the great crested grebes which are in breeding plumage; however, I have been disappointed not see their courting displays.

There are always plenty of mute swans which still amaze me in flight.

Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Red-legged partridge

How do these huge birds manage to fly (and so gracefully)?

Mute swan

Peregrine falcon quite far out in Chew Valley lake

Pheasant on the walkway at Stratford hide Chew Valley lake

A pair of great spotted woodpeckers could be heard drilling regularly near Stratford hide

Great tits are also very vocal


I was very pleased to see St Andrew’s Church in Blagdon flying the Ukrainian flag – I was confirmed in this church many many years ago

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