7th February 2022 – Chew Valley Lake, North Somerset

Another very mild day for February. We spent the morning at Chew Valley Lake where, as well as a good cup of coffee at Woodford Lodge, we were able to see birds on the lake from the road and from a hide (Stratford) to which I could drive.

The view from the Stratford hide
The view from Herriots Bridge with great white egret, a grey heron and cormorants on the far bank

The sun shone briefly to give us some nice views of the lake. Most of the wildfowl were in the middle of the lake but we could make out large flocks of tufted ducks, pochard and lapwings.

Canada geese and lapwings from the Stratford hide. I think the carcass may well have been a Canada goose by the size of it.
Pochard at the back with tufted ducks in front of this large flock of wildfowl

There was also one small group of tufted ducks which were combined with goldeneye.

Lapwings in flight
Tufted ducks
A male goldeneye on the left at the back with females in front and mixed in with the tufted ducks

Slideshow of this morning’s photos:

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