10th January 2022 – Garden birds

As I am currently somewhat restricted on my birding activities I thought I would take Stephen G Hipperson’s advice in my last blog and do some garden birdwatching. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I have been used to making do in this way at various times in the last two years. In this blog I present a short video of birds I have seen in (or over) my garden during the lockdowns.

Let’s hope that as the year goes forward, as much as I have enjoyed seeing and photographing these birds, we don’t have the same restrictions again.

3 responses to “10th January 2022 – Garden birds”

  1. Nice series of photos! I’m particularly envious of your Greenfinches – I haven’t seen one in my garden for more than 6 months.
    I’m currently looking round for a nice moss covered log which I can use a ‘posing perch’ (no not for me, for my birds!). Placed near to the feeders it should act as a handy ‘natural environment’ stage for my pictures.

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