21st September 2021 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

So many beautiful things to see (and photograph) around Duchess Pond this morning. The shelduck by all accounts is a rarity here.

The grey heron moved so gracefully around the lake
Mallards were often in flight as they were chased off by others
The small copper butterfly in the swampy area was a treat
The red clover is quite dense
Not sure what this is
Coots can be quite vicious – you wouldn’t think so looking at them here
Moorhens are no angels either
Ive missed seeing the robins – they must have been hiding whilst moulting
This young female has become my favourite
She likes to show all sides
I was very pleased to capture her reflection too
A jay in flight
… and then annoyingly hiding behind branches
A common chiffchaff
Who says magpies are black and white?
A star appearance of a shelduck with three cormorants
Migrant hawker

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