16th August 2021 – Ceredigion, Wales

Yesterday the weather was so poor that I only managed a handful of photos, taken at our holiday cottage, of a buzzard and a small tortoiseshell butterfly.

Buzzard over our holiday cottage
Small tortoiseshell
Small tortoiseshell

We explored a bit of the Ceredigion coast paths near Cymtydu (south of Newquay) and a nature reserve NNR Rhos Llawr Cwrt, where it was so wet and boggy that we didn’t even get out of the car.

Today we headed north to Ynyslas (north of Borth) and had a good walk around the salt marshes and sand dunes on the Dyfi estuary. However, the light was so poor that all I managed to photograph was a pair of sanderlings on the shore line.

Clearly not weather for sunbathing
A brief break in the cloud across the estuary to Aberdyfi

After our walk we headed to Cors Dyfi (still on the Dyfi estuary) to the osprey project where we were lucky enough to see ospreys before they head south to Africa. In the visitor centre we could see on camera two very mature chicks on the nest. When we went out to the observation tower we could see a female osprey near the nest. A male then returned with a fish. Again the light was so dismal that I only achieved very poor photos which I publish just for the record.

Female osprey
Male with lunch
Male returning with fish
Female taking off to ward off an intruder

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