16th May 2021 – Anglesey

With so much to do here in Anglesey I missed a blog for Sunday which I am now publishing out of sequence. We did a circular walk through Newborough Forest on the south west coast of Anglesey in the morning. Although there were duckboards through some sections, it was very boggy and we often had difficulty keeping our footing. We then moved a little further along the coast and walked through the dunes at Aberffraw which was a more pleasant experience. The flora was particularly interesting. It’s amazing how many of these plants have names associated with birds. On our return we spent a little while wandering around the pleasant seaside town of Beaumaris where we are staying and I took a few more bird photos experimenting with a wide angle lens.

We stopped for a view of the Menai Bridge
Wild cherry in the Newborough Forest
Bluebells in the forest
A stonechat in the dunes
… and in flight
Apparently Run away Robin (Ground Ivy)
Bird’s eye speedwell
Common stork’s bill
Beaumaris slowly unlocking from Covid-19, but still only eating and drinking outdoors
A well-known view on any pier
Wide angle view of a gull
Welcome blue sky
Beaumaris pier (not quite as splendid as the one in Bangor across the Menai Straight)

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