3rd April 2021 – Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire

We had visited Algars Manor and Algars Mill gardens near Iron Acton just north of Bristol as part of the National Garden Scheme in March, and enjoyed the spectacular show of daffodils in the 2 acre woodland gardens which are bisected by the River Frome. We returned again for another NGS day and this time we were treated to another spectacular show: this time it was the turn of the camellias and magnolias to steal the show. The wood anemones and the fritillaries were pretty amazing too.

2 responses to “3rd April 2021 – Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire”

  1. Today sitting on a bench in my garden side by side with my wife, a Robin flew to my side and hovered then turned its head to look at me. It then flew across the small lawn to our bird table that has not been used for a very long time and landed. Then flew back to the same spot by my side and repeated the same strange behavior.Has anybody else experienced this behavior? I placed chopped nuts and water on the table, but the Robin seemed indifferent. It was a mild sunny day 17/04/2021.

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