10th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

To any readers of my blog I apologise that the scope of my blogs is very limited, but such are the necessities of a lockdown. I felt very privileged this morning to have such lovely views of two of my favourite birds: a kingfisher and a grey wagtail. I also enjoyed seeing the gulls (lesser black-backed and black-headed) on the frozen lake, the excitable Canada geese, a crow bashing a nut against a rock and a cute squirrel. I aplologise for a second time that I have included so many photos in my slideshow but hope you enjoy them.

Black-headed gull on the frozen lake
Canada goose with a lot of testosterone
Grey wagtail
Grey wagtail showing all its plumage
Crow showing its ability to use tools
Grey wagtail on golden stream
Juvenile gull
Lesser black-backed gulls

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