5th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

There was a lovely window of sunshine this morning and we risked the crowds at our local park. We were pleasantly surprised as there were fewer people than of late and most were adhering to social distancing rules; also the council (or volunteers?) had cleared the paths of mud.

We looked for kingfishers and dippers but, although everyone and his/her dog had seen them, we were unlucky. We were cheered by seeing long-tailed tits and hearing plenty of robins. Two swans were building a nest on kingfisher island and a cormorant was looking splendid in its breeding plumage.

Long-tailed tit
Robin staking its territory
An extremely loud crow
Mute swans preparing a nest
Cormorant in breeding plumage
“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest moorhen on the lake?”
“No one beats me for beauty”

There was a new addition to the lake and someone had floated a model Colosseum. Athens-on -sea maybe.

A newcomer to the lake

It seems that this recent addition is the work of The Bristol Duck Project


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