22nd January 2021 – Begbrook Park, Bristol

We have found a local walk from home where we can avoid the large crowds of the local parks and more or less stick to green areas.

This morning we saw a few garden birds (blue tits, great tits, gold finches, dunnock and blackbirds) and heard lots of robins. I read recently that wrens are the most common birds in the UK; I must say that I find that surprising from the number of robins we see and hear on our local walks.


The robins are making lots of noise at the moment establishing their territories. But the noisiest and the cheeriest of all the birds we saw this morning was a song thrush. It may have been very easy to hear, and from quite some distance, but it was very difficult to get a decent view of it.

Song thrush
Song thrush
Song thrush

6 responses to “22nd January 2021 – Begbrook Park, Bristol”

  1. Beautiful photos Martin. Just found your blog. Today we saw the kingfisher close by the river near Eastville park and a peregrine falcon in Stoke Park – fabulous! Have you seen it?

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    • Thank you Joy. I’m so pleased you saw the kingfisher and the peregrine falcon. I have only ever seen the peregrine on Stapleton Church spire and nearby on the floor with its prey. Two great birding areas. My visits there are rather restricted at the moment but looking forward to getting back to normal ASAP.


      • Thanks Martin, hope you get to see the peregrine in Stokes Park soon. We saw it in the lower woody slopes of the main ‘bowl’ where the yellow house is. Looking at the yellow house from top of the Purdown slope, it would be at about 8 or 9 o’clock direction.


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