9th January 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

I felt like ranting and raving about the injustice of two girls being fined £200 for driving 5 miles to go for a socially distanced walk around a beauty spot in Derbyshire. I was even more furious this morning when I found that it was impossible to socially distance when walking around my local park due to the lack of consideration of other walkers and especially runners who make little or no effort to give you a wide birth as you pass. Both young and old looked at us as if we were bonkers as we continuously stepped off the path or stopped to allow others to pass. I bet there are a fair number of those who made no effort at all who are quick to blame politicians for whatever measures they take to stop the pandemic.

However, I then saw a kingfisher and I calmed down.

3 responses to “9th January 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol”

  1. Wonderful pics .
    I agree with people ignoring social distancing .
    I often comment , trying to avoid them …LOUDLY ..AM I INVISIBLE ..?
    STAY SAFEand CALM Hazel.
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