22nd November 2020 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

This second “Covid-19” lockdown in England doesn’t seem as restrictive as the first but I must admit that, with shorter days, poorer weather and less opportunities to engage with nature, I am feeling the negative effects of the situation. We have two very good local parks nearby but they seem so busy that recently we have been forced to drive out into the local countryside to get our regular exercise and to raise our spirits. However, this morning it was so foggy that I couldn’t face driving and we took our chance by walking in Stoke Park. I knew that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to see any bird life but I didn’t really expect to see quite so many people or to have to cope with such muddy conditions (a consequence of lots of rain and so many people exercising in this area). In the main we were able to keep our distance from everyone else but I didn’t see others trying to keep their distance (from us or other walkers). I did enjoy being out in the open but felt quite anxious about having to make such an effort to distance ourselves.

My nature photos are restricted to trees, spiders webs and wide open spaces with an atmospheric feel in the fog – all of which certainly lifted our spirits towards the end of our three hour walk.

There was no hope of seeing any wildlife around Duchess Pond
We took the steep climb to the top of Purdown
Love this ancient tree
The younger ones aren’t too bad either
Nature’s lacemakes had been busy overnight
There were some very testing conditions before we reached the top
A glimpse of blue sky on top of Purdown
The 2nd World War gun placements must have been a grimmer place to have been during the war
At last some colour and some light
Families were taking advantage of getting out the house
There has been much discussion about the merits of a tarmac path through this area – although I have been very much against it I could certainly see the advantages today
We escaped to the woods for a while
Sunshine at the top of the hill
… but still mist through the city

2 responses to “22nd November 2020 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol”

  1. Something worked it’s magic Martin! What a fantastic set of photos. I couldn’t figure how you’d got all the crashing waves in photo number six until I looked more closely. Glad to see the sun came out eventuallly .


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