8th November 2020 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

The rain didn’t stop until late in the day and just before the light went I popped across to Stoke Park to get my daily exercise. I was well rewarded with a pair of stonechats, a reed bunting, a green woodpecker, a black-headed gull, a cormorant, moorhen and mallards (all around Duchess Pond).

The island on Duchess Pond was quite atmospheric shrouded in mist
The cormorant was drying its wings perched on a platform submerged beneath the water
The mallards were quite eerie too on the pond
One black-headed gull seems to spend a lot of time around the pond
There’s a green woodpecker in there somewhere
I got quite wet getting this photo of a female stonechat in the swampy area
Female stonechat
Reed bunting
Male stonechat just before it was impossible to take any more photos

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