21st September 2020 – Severn Estuary

Well I can’t believe our luck – we had another glorious trip to New Passage on the Severn Estuary today and the sun shone and there was no breeze at all (very rare here) . We only spent a couple of hours there but we saw a wheatear and plenty of waders.

We arrived just after high tide and so had a walk along Northwick Warth where we saw the wheatear. We couldn’t see much on Pilning Wetlands as we were looking in to the sun. After our walk we stopped and watched the waders as they made their way to the shore line. Most were further up the estuary but there were plenty to see close by including turnstones, dunlin, curlew sandpiper, common redshank, common ringed plover, oystercatchers, shelduck and a grey heron.

Looking up the Severn Estuary
The Prince of Wales Bridge (looking down the estuary)
Thought it was a curlew sandpiper among the turnstones but corrected by Brian Lancaster that it is a dunlin, long billed but probably nominate race alpina
Dunlin in front of the turnstone
Common ringed plover in front of dunlin
Grey heron

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