14th September 2020 – Severn Estuary

We felt we should be doing jobs on a Monday morning but as it was such wonderful weather we abandoned everything and popped down to the Severn Estuary again. We didn’t chose the best times for the tide but we had a lovely walk along Northwick Warth and saw plenty.

On the distant shore line we could see shelduck, oystercatchers and redshank – all of which we had not seen on recent visits. Our first bird along the warth was one of my favourite birds, a wheatear.


On the wetlands it was difficult to make out anything (other than lots of Canada geese) as we were looking in to the sun. We certainly didn’t see the pectoral sandpiper that had been spotted yesterday. There were dunnock, linnets and goldfinch in the hedges.

Canada geese on the wetlands

As we returned along the warth we saw a kestrel.


The only disappointment of the morning was that our favourite café was closed and we were denied a decent coffee.

I love this plaque on the back of one of the benches at New Passage.

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