2nd September 2020 – Severn Estuary

The sun shone on the Prince of Wales bridge for a very brief moment

I had an unexpected opportunity to see some waders on the Severn Estuary this morning, even if they were rather distant and in gloomy conditions.

We had to drop a car off for servicing at Cribbs Causeway on the outskirts of Bristol and I managed to persuade my wife to go for a walk along the Severn Estuary (not her favourite spot I must say) between New Passage and Severn Beach. It was a very grey morning but not as cold as usual and so there were not too many complaints from her, especially as we stopped for an excellent coffee and bacon roll in the garden at “Shirley’s Café in Severn Beach (which had been recommended to us).

At Severn Beach on the water’s edge there were common ringed plovers and dunlin and at Northwick Warth near New Passage we saw common redshank, black-tailed godwits and ruddy turnstones. On Northwick Warth there were lots of gulls, Canada geese, a couple of grey herons and a little egret.

Common ringed plover
Dunlin with curlew sandpiper
Mixture of common redshank and black-tailed godwits
Ruddy turnstone breaks cover
Little egret

Not very good for photography but the exercise was very welcome.

Curlew sandpiper with dunlin and common ringed plover
Cat hunting

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