16th May 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

During the period of lock down due to the Covid-19 virus we have spent a lot of time in our tiny urban garden. We have tried to do all sorts to encourage wildlife in to the garden including paying attention to what we plant. We have also installed more nest boxes and feeders and even purchased a bird bath. Just as I was thinking that we really had gone over the top with this latter purchase I was delighted today to see the first bird make use of this new facility. And what a bird!

Just as I was getting ready to have a walk to Stoke Park, as part of our daily exercise, I saw from the bathroom window a jay fly into the garden and land on the bird bath. Luckily I had time to grab a camera a get some decent shots of it.









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Consequently I am feeling very chuffed with buying the bird bath. I am also pleased I painted the garden fence too as the jay perched on it before flying off. I only wished I had cleaned the bathroom windows though!

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