3rd May 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

My neighbours are becoming very noisy. I don’t know if lock-down is anything to do with it but I suspect not as all the humans have been very considerate and very friendly.

No, its the birds that are making most of the noise; calling to mates and dashing around finding nesting material and even grubs for broods that are already sitting in the nest.

Good luck to them all.

DSC03583Blue-tit enjoying the sun. Often they are accused of head banging: I read this comment on Bird Forum “Blue tits made a nest about a week ago in a nestbox and I have since been hearing a constant tapping from inside, like a woodpecker. The box is on the wall of my house and I can hear the tapping for ten minutes or so several times a day, long after the nest was finished.”

DSC03605These Canada geese were very noisy honking as they flew over my garden

DSC03655This starling was making no noise at all but often they have a shrill whistle; this one was looking the worse for wear – clearly he had had a night on the town


DSC03855The blackbird has a very melodious song but it does carry a long way


DSC03837Wood pigeons and collared doves certainly disturb the peace as they flutter back and forth and make an almighty din when going in and out of my neighbour’s leylandii .

DSC03964The goldfinches are very sociable birds and  have a delightful liquid twittering song and call

DSC04029The dunnocks are quiet and unobtrusive but when two rival males come together they become animated with lots of wing-flicking and loud calling




DSC04068 The house sparrows are the worst offenders with their incessant monotonous chirping

I wonder if I’m going to be able to get out and listen to the dawn chorus any time soon?

Today was the International Dawn Chorus Day (the first Sunday in May) –  I’m sure they will be singing for a few days yet..


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