22nd April 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

Another glorious day. I’m sure that on such a day I would have been looking to go further afield for my dose of nature or at least taking a walk in one of the local parks.

Recently in Stoke Park Estate there have been lots of exciting bird sightings including ring ouzels, wheatears and a tree pipit and even the first brood of ducklings. In Eastville Park I gather there was a mandarin duck on the lake this morning.

However, not for me as to keep safe and away from the coronavirus I am staying here in my garden and, for a while this morning, in my neighbour’s garden whilst she was doing essential shopping for herself and friends.

The variety of birds is very limited but it all helps to keep my sanity. A friend commented I must have taken a photo of every plant in my garden. Maybe that is the case but fortunately for me they change a little and I am still challenged by photographing them.

And again there’s only so much bread you can bake! So here are some of the stars for me:



DSC00602Dunnock fascinated by bee

DSC00616House sparrow “up the wall” – I know the feeling

DSC00627A timely reminder why I am here

DSC00639Blackbird takes a leap of faith


DSC00760Herring gull





DSC01227House sparrow



DSC01399Wood pigeon

DSC01597Collared dove

And some of the botanical photos:


DSC00979Magnolia still performing well

DSC00854Our flower tubs from the local Elmtree Farm are loving the sun


DSC00955Many of my neighbours have wisteria – we had two at one stage but I couldn’t control them


DSC00983I’m sure we will be eating our figs before lock down ends for us!


DSC01018I don’t normally see this lovely tree but I could see it from my neighbour’s garden

DSC01845Wendy picked the first bunch of lily-of-the -valley. The aroma is amazing.

Slideshow of all my photos from this morning:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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