Friday 31st January 2020 – Strandfontein Sewerage Works, Western Cape SA

The Cape Flats Waste Water Treatment Works, or simply Strandfontein as it is known to birders, also forms part of the False Bay Nature Reserve. It really is a marvel for birders as you can drive around the gravel paths and see and photograph birds at close quarters.

Strandfontein features more than 300 hectares of reed-fringed detention ponds and dunes connected by gravel roads that are usually in good condition, although on this occasion we did have one terrifying moment when we got stuck in  a very deep section of slurry which had been deposited on one of the paths.and which demanded all our driving skills and ingenuity in to order to extricate from a very embarrassing situation.

In the end it was really worthwhile and we saw an amazing amount of birds in a very short trip.

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DSC08934Greater flamingo

DSC09420Greater flamingo

DSC09898Greater flamingo

DSC09820Cape weaver

DSC09754Black-winged stilt

DSC09727White-necked raven

DSC09577Cattle egret

DSC09537Cattle egret

DSC09605Blacksmith lapwing

DSC09482African sacred ibis

DSC09478African sacred ibis

DSC09392African sacred ibis

DSC09118White-faced whistling duck

DSC09128White-faced whistling duck



DSC09325Great white pelican

DSC09010African sacred ibis and glossy ibis

DSC09061Egytian goose

DSC09673Spur-winged goose

DSC09015Red billed teal

DSC08992Little grebe

DSC08975Barn swallow

DSC08897Caspian tern



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