2nd December 2019 – Eastville Park, Bristol

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I don’t seem to have time to venture far at the moment so I am very pleased to be able to go for a quick walk around my local park and see some wildlife.

After a heavy frost last night a large part of the lake was frozen. I do feel sorry for the birds when it freezes over but the gulls seemed quite happy standing on the ice and the fish must get some respite.

DSC04576Black-headed gull on ice

A female kingfisher was very active on the lake and, although the light was poor, I tried to capture her in flight (with limited success).



DSC04701Right profile

DSC04683Left profile

DSC04542Grey heron reflecting

One swan was again being very aggressive and assaulted another one.

DSC04786Ice breaker


DSC04880Common assault on the lake – ouch

There was a dipper on the River Frome but it seemed very reluctant to try its chances at feeding below the water in the fast flowing river.





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