22nd November 2019 – Eastville Park, Bristol

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The park had a very different feel from when the sun was shining at the beginning of the week. However, even though it started raining before the end of our walk (and I had to tuck my camera away), there was plenty to see.  There was a dipper and a grey wagtail (both looking rather forlorn) on the River Frome. On the lake the drake goosander was visible again. There were three cormorants in the trees over the lake and one fishing on the lake. A juvenile grey heron on the lily ponds looked as though it could do with a good meal. The six mute swans were quite grumpy, sometimes with each other and sometimes with any mallard that came too close. I suppose it must have been the weather.








DSC02193Mute swan busking – (a mild  form of threat display)

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