22nd October 2019 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

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This lovely part of Bristol is well known to many motorists as they head in to or out of the city on the M32 but how many of them know its real beauty? The noise they cause does spoil it a little but if you bother to walk through this ancient parkland you will be sure to see some of the beauties that I see regularly on my walks from home.


IMG_0243Wellies are definitely the order of the day

It was glorious this morning, if a little wet underfoot, and I was treated to one of my favourite birds, a little grebe, which I don’t see that often here.


DSC06497Little grebe

Before the sun broke through I saw a pair of wrens and a grey heron. Once the sun came out I didn’t bother going much further than Duchess Pond where I enjoyed watching the little grebe and the regular moorhens and coots. The landscapes were pretty special too.



DSC06326Grey heron

DSC06602Moorhen treading lightly on the lilies




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