4th September 2019 – Northwick Warth/Pilning Wetland

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There were a couple of redshank on the shore when I arrived and I was feeling optimistic as the light was good. However, as I walked out along the the coastal path I could see very few birds on Northwick Warth and had difficulty picking out what was on the Pilning Wetlands.  I spent a little while trying to take photos of House Martins and was distracted by a distant buzzard.


DSC02953House martin


IMG_5895Northwick Warth

I could see in the distance on the wetlands the great white egret, a couple of little egrets and a grey heron but all too far away for photos.

On my way back there were a couple of meadow pipits within reach.

DSC03198Meadow pipit

As I reached the first pill box (there used to be a firing range here at Pilning) I met a group of birders and had a very enjoyable time chatting to them. Some of them had telescopes and were very generous in showing me a couple of curlew sandpipers. They were among a large mixed flock of ringed plovers, dunlin and turnstones but all really too far away for me to photograph (but it didn’t stop me trying!).






DSC03266Ringed plover

I had a little bit of time to kill before going home to watch the Test match and so stopped at Aust Warth where I saw a kestrel.






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