12th August 2019 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

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Encouraged by what I had seen in the park yesterday I went back this morning to see if I could see the whinchat that has been reported in recent days.

First of all in the marshy area I saw reed buntings again. In the same area I also saw goldfinch, common whitethroat, a bluetit and overhead a kestrel (which was almost impossible to photograph as it was against the light).

DSC05725Reed bunting


DSC05899Reed bunting in flight

DSC05884Aggressive reed bunting

DSC05736Common whitethroat

DSC05798Common whitethroat

DSC05845Common whitethroat

DSC05817Common whitethroat in flight

Just as I was about to move on I caught sight of the whinchat. It’s not that rare but I was dead chuffed to see it. I stayed for a while but that was the only sighting.



I did a loop of Duchess Pond and saw more goldfinches, a green woodpecker and moorhens, coots and mallards.


DSC06072Green woodpecker

DSC06078Green woodpecker in flight

DSC06026Juvenile moorhen

DSC06117Coot putting its chick in place


There were also a few bedraggled butterflies.





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