24th July 2019 – Severnside



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A very hot day was forecast and so I made the most of the coolness of the day by working in the garden very early on for a few hours and then down to the Severn Estuary at Pilning Wetlands to see the changes that are happening there and to benefit from the cool breezes. The tide was too high to see anything on the coast but just back a bit on the wetlands there were redshank, godwits and lots of black-headed gulls. However, the heat haze ruined any chance I had of decent photographs and so I contented myself with photos (closer up) of linnets, goldfinch, grey herons, a kestrel,  butterflies and other insects.




DSC03396Grey heron

DSCF7009Redshank and godwits if you have a sharp eye

DSCF7138A tractor disturbed the waders – behind the gulls are redshank and black-tailed godwits

The pools are filling up on the remodelled pools and so new arrivals can be expected soon.

DSC03297One of the remodelled pools


DSCF7229Canada geese fly in front of The Prince of Wales bridge over the Severn Estuary

DSCF7303Collared dove










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