18th April 2019 – Somerset


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As the Bank Holiday weekend doesn’t start until tomorrow we thought it would be okay to take the motorway south to Somerset but we got caught in a traffic jam just south of Bristol (due to an accident involving at least one caravan) but fortunately the delay was not too long.

On the Somerset levels at RSPB Ham Wall it was warm and misty (yes, more excuses for poor photos). but we had a lovely day, saw plenty of birds and had a picnic.





MT1D0998Great crested grebess

MT1D1007Song thrush

MT1D1010Great white egret

MT1D1020Peacock butterfly


MT1D1075Marsh harrier

MT1D1087Great white egret

MT1D1102Marsh harrier

MT1D1105Marsh harrier

MT1D1107Marsh harrier

MT1D1039Common pochard

MT1D1060Immature female common pochard


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On the way home we stopped off at Chew Valley lake briefly; large white birds (mute swans and great white egrets) were the stars again.

MT1D1122Great white egret




MT1D1166Mute swans



MT1D1153Common pochard

MT1D1198Scary great white egret

MT1D1224… and some small birds too

MT1D1173Not sure about this one. I have since been informed it is a white-cheeked pintail, an escapee from somewhere as they don’t live round here – more likely to be found in the Galapagos


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