8th April 2019 – Eastville Park, Bristol


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As I drove home from golf this morning, having played a round in misty murky weather, I listened to the weather forecast and heard that the rest of the country was bathed in sunshine. Ergh!

I wasn’t going to give in and still had a walk around our local park because, even though there wasn’t much hope of decent photos, I was still encouraged by all the bird song I had heard on the golf course earlier.

And there was lots of bird activity in the park. In Fishponds Brook we had good views of a treecreeper bathing among the rocks. There was then a pair of grey wagtails which came closer.

DSC09270I see no trees – treecreeper among the rocks in Fishponds Brook

DSC09281… before flying off.

DSC09246Grey wagtail


Robins were singing everywhere. As soon as we arrived at the lake we caught sight of a kingfisher but it didn’t stay for long. There was another pair of grey wagtails too.


DSC09378Grey wagtail posing on the lake


A wren out-sang the robins. Over the lake a male sparrowhawk worked its way up in the sky on a thermal (or was that just wishful thinking).



On the way home there was a small flock of long-tailed tits and more robins, blue tits and great tits.

DSC09473Long-tailed tit

There were more bluebells out than our last visit and the blossom and the leaves on the trees were bursting out. All it now needed was a bit of sunshine.









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