27th March 2019 – Eastville Park, Bristol

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We had an early (early for us anyway) morning walk in the park in beautiful sunshine. There was very little until we reached the lake and then a pair of grey wagtails, a kingfisher and a cormorant made our day even better. We were home by 10 and then got ready and went out to Clevedon as tourists!

IMG_5148Clevedon Pier was opened in 1869 to receive paddle steamer passengers from Devon and Wales. It is the only Grade 1 listed pier you can visit in England.

DSCF9332We enjoyed watching the kingfisher fishing and then I took this poor (out-of-focus) shot …


DSCF9315Grey wagtail on the lake

DSCF9385Grey wagtail strutting his stuff on the weir.

DSCF9355Were these two the same grey wagtails we had seen on the lake, this time on the weir?

DSCF9372Head for heights?

DSCF9349The robins are heard and seen everywhere



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