19th March 2019 – Severn Estuary

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I have learned over the years (I’m  a slow learner) that if you want decent photos you need decent light. Well today I went down to the Severn Estuary in the most dismal light because I had seen reported that there was a Little Ringed Plover on the Pilning Wetlands; and LRPs are one of my favourite birds. Although, I’m probably going to change my mind about “favourite birds” as a fellow birder said that to me this morning that his favourite bird was “the next one” – a very good adage indeed.

Well I did manage to see it but, not surprisingly, I did struggle to get a decent photo.

MT1D9505Little ringed plover

MT1D9470Little ringed plover

I started at Aust Warth to see if I could see a short eared owl but had no luck. There was a kestrel but it only ever showed me a rear view.



MT1D9374Rear view of kestrel

When I arrived at New Passage the tide had already gone too far out for me to really record anything of interest. I could see redshank, black-tailed godwits and  turnstones. Others saw a ruff.

MT1D9592I’ve included this photo of redshank to show how dismal it was!


I walked out to Pilning Wetlands and soon saw my little ringed plover. I also enjoyed watching pied wagtails flit about and I made feeble attempts to photograph them at a distance in poor light.





MT1D9579Pied wagtail

The previously mentioned birder helpfully pointed out with his telescope a male merlin and, although it was quite some way away, I did manage to get some shots.



MT1D9558Merlin after heavy cropping

In fact this is what it looked like (if you look hard) with 800 mm lens:MT1D9546

MT1D9539Little grebe


MT1D9497Teal with pied wagtail for size comparison


MT1D9560Meadow pipts having a bath

Not a brilliant day for photographs but I met several friendly birders and saw quite a few birds; and so, quite a successful morning.

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