Wednesday 23rd January 2019 (afternoon) – Etosha National Park

The game drive in the afternoon started at 3 p.m. and was really hard work in the heat of the day. (What did the bushman tell us about not moving around between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. ?)

The highlight of the mammals were the Black Rhinos – one of whom wallowed in the mud right under our noses) but I particularly enjoyed some of the bird life we saw: notably, the Northern Black Korhaan and the raptors which I am yet to identify.

dscf4637South African Ground squirrel

dscf4645The remains of a giraffe which, we were told. was slow to get up less than a week ago

dscf4647Scrub Hare 

dscf4651Hartmann’s Zebra

dscf4664Kori Bustard


dscf4673Black Rhino


dscf4716Northern Black Korhaan

dscf4724Crowned Plover

dscf4730Northern Black Korhaan


dscf4746Black-faced Impala

dscf4752White-headed Vulture ?

dscf4786African harrier hawk


dscf4818The cool group ?


Click below for photos from this afternoon

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