Tuesday 22nd January 2019 (evening) – Etosha National Park

The first evening at the Okaukuejo Lodge we had our first real taste of the National Park when we visited the water hole next to the lodge. We were lucky to see an elephant arrive almost straightaway. At the time we didn’t realise how lucky we were as this was the only time we saw an elephant in the park. There was an interesting stand off with a rhino and the elephant and it was fascinating to see the elephant take evasive action.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

dsc05786Shaft-tailed Whydah

dscf2385Southern Red-billed Hornbill

dscf2413Southern White-tailed Shrike

dscf2447Purple Heron

dscf2511Blacksmith Lapwing 

dscf2508Common Greenshank (on right)

dscf2577Crowned Lapwing (amongst the Blacksmith Lapwings)


dscf2595Black Rhino

dscf2609Black-backed Jackel


dscf2624Gemsbok (Southern Oryx)




dscf2688Springbokdscf2703African Elephant




dscf2814African Hoopoe

dscf2825Groundscraper Thrush

Click below for a gallery of photos:




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