2nd November 2018 – Eastville Park

I was so encouraged by my kingfisher photos from two days before (taken with a bridge camera) that I decided to return with more serious equipment, lugging a tripod too. The kingfisher was very compliant and presented itself in lots of different poses in the best possible light. I was very excited with the results and showed lots of passers-by in the park. However, when I got home disaster struck as the memory card became corrupt as I tried downloading the photos to my computer. I tried all sorts of ruses to convince my computer to recognise the card but not even the camera would recognise it; I had no option but to re-format the card.

I even tried returning to the park to take fresh photos but I never saw the kingfisher again. I had to content myself with taking photos of cormorants, a grey heron and a swan in odd light.



MT1D7962Grey. heron







MT1D7994The resident mute swan

Initially I was devastated but I am old and wise enough to realise that much worse things happen in life; and even if I had got the “perfect”shot I would be back again to try and take more kingfisher photos. I imagine it’s a bit like fishing really.


2 responses to “2nd November 2018 – Eastville Park”

  1. I trust you tried a recovery program? As long as you did a quick format, I found around a hundred images which had been deleted and the card reused over and over from around 8 years on my sisters failed card with a recovery program found on Google, and most importantly, the latest set of images!

    The one I have on my PC is Recuva I realise you have probably tried but hope this helps.

    Thanks for all the images you have sent, ________________________________


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