19th October 2018 – Walberswick

Not really a birding day today: we had a trip to Southwold and then a walk down to the pub for lunch and back along the River Blythe. Sorry about all the boats but I’m sure the river comes under the category of “nature”.


DSC03374We haven’t seen many redshank this week

DSC03388My close up photos always make little egrets look quite large

DSC03387The gull gives it some perspective

DSC03424As it does with the gull and the turnstone


DSC03434The ferry is very busy with the closure of the foot bridge further along

DSC03381A visiting ship through the sand dunes on Walberswick beach

DSC03459Male house sparrow

DSC03460Female house sparrow

DSC03464Male house sparrow



DSC03517Starlings scarpering

DSC03529Bath time

DSC03559Meadow pipit

DSC03551Maybe the same redshank



DSC03573Honeysuckle and blackberries

IMG_2698These flowers are very popular in local gardens

Click below for gallery of today’s photos:

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