18th June 2018 – RSPB Titchwell Marshes

RSPB Titchwell Marshes is one of the RSPB’s flagship reserves and is probably the one place that most inspired my interest in birding. Today we had another great day although many people we met said they thought it was very quiet. Well I’m quite happy if its quiet and we see a tawny owl and chick, marsh harriers, a red kite and a buzzard not to mention curlew sandpipers (even though they were a long way off), several different species of tern and some of my other favourites such as avocets, black-tailed godwits and little ringed plover. Hey ho you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


FP5A7782A very warm welcome to the reserve by a robin


FP5A7798Tawny owl and (big) chick

FP5A7807Little grebe


DSC07637Damselflies and chasers

FP5A8290Marsh harrier




FP5A8251Reed bunting


DSC07822Greylag goose

FP5A7908Canada goose

DSC07624Red kite

DSC07855Mute swan seeing off a greylag goose

DSC07893Mute swan trumpeting its success

FP5A8191Little ringed plover

FP5A8231A scruffy lapwing

DSC07770Coot and chick

FP5A7838Tut tut, coots fighting in front of the kids

FP5A8001One of the two species of tern today

FP5A8086What caused this chaos?


Tawny owl (must be my favourite of the day)

And so much more – click below to see gallery of photos from today

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