9th May 2018 – Menorca

S’Albufera des Grau in the north-east of the island was declared a National Nature Park in 1995 and covers around 5,100 hectares. There is a good visitors centre and a circuit of paths with many viewing points and hides. However, a telescope would be desirable as you are some way back from the lake and the dismal weather did not help photography. The main bird life at this time of the year are coots but we did see little grebe, great crested grebe, little egrets, one redshank and a purple heron (first for me). There were also yellow-legged gulls with their chicks and some Audouin gulls. We kept our eyes peeled for osprey but had no luck; however, I did spot a hobby flying over the lake.


DSC06506Little grebe

DSC06507Great crested grebe

DSC06534Yellow legged gull

DSC06542Yellow legged gull and chicks

DSC06581Little egret

DSC06591Purple heron

DSC06605Purple heron

DSC06612Purple heron

DSC06622Great crested grebe

DSC06738Great crested grebe

DSC06759Great tit (and not a bird feeder in sight)

DSC06842The port of Es Grau with sea front restaurants

DSC06844Audouin gull


Back at the hotel the sun shone briefly and I took a few photos of swallows, butterflies and a green lizard.

DSC06886Typical Menorcan gate made of old olive wood

DSC06899Barn swallows







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