12th January 2018 – Suffolk Coast

After a week of murky and, at times, bitterly cold weather in Suffolk, today we were blessed with a gloriously sunny day which warmed our spirits (which certainly weren’t  at all low anyway) and allowed a chance of some decent photographs.

We spent the morning at RSPB Minsmere and then in the afternoon we moved on to the Blyth Estuary at Blythburgh and saw a great variety of birds.

Off the coast at Minsmere (more like a mill pond today) we had good views of red-throated divers and on the reserve the best was a male stonechat and some dunlin which were being given a hard time by the lapwing.

On the Blyth Estuary there were thousands of birds and in particular we had good views of avocet, redshank, shelduck, oystercatcher, curlew, whimbrel, pintail, lapwing and huge flocks of gulls. It felt really warm standing in the sun watching them and was particularly interesting seeing their plumages in the beautiful sunshine as they regularly took to the air.

MT1D1509Red-throated divers

MT1D1554Common snipe taken in to the sun


MT1D1606Pied wagtail

MT1D1659Male stonechat

MT1D1657Redshank and greylag goose ignoring each other


MT1D1772A (charmless) goldfinch amongst the gadwall

MT1D1779A lapwing photo bombing a dunlin and teal

MT1D1783Lapwing chasing off dunlin

MT1D1786Dunlin in flight

MT1D1605Tufted ducks comimg to the party


MT1D1732Dunlin between two (out of focus) shovelers

MT1D1685Pheasant wondering who is following him

MT1D1686Greylag geese

MT1D1803Long-tailed tit in the woods

MT1D1816A colony of avocets

MT1D1841Avocet feeding with its swiping action




MT1D2071Avocet in flight

MT1D2162A mixed flock with a whimbrel centre stage

MT1D2173A deceit of lapwings


MT1D2163Cormorant, avocet, shelduck, curlew, lapwing, oystercatcher, pintail, wigeon, redshank, black-tailed godwit, dunlin, gulls and probably even more

Click below for gallery of photos from today:




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