10th January 2018 – Suffolk

Well, we have been out in the fresh air for most of today; I think it’s the longest I’ve been outdoors on such a gloomy day. Fortunately, it’s been much milder and must have reached 6 degrees centigrade at some point. However, it has certainly not been a day for photographs (even with modern digital equipment).

We were a little frustrated in the morning as we tried to reach Benacre Broads National Nature Reserve but all the signs seemed to warn us off saying that the paths were private and part of a conservation area. Other signs warned of the danger of coastal erosion so we were well and truly stymied. Nonetheless we enjoyed our walk and even visited  St Andrew’s Church at Covehithe built in the ruins of the old church and which was where the P. D. James mystery, Death in Holy Orders, was set and a television episode was filmed at the church ruins.

DSC06946St Andrew’s Church at Covehithe – built in the ruins of the old church

On our way back we stopped off at the Blyth Estuary near Blythburgh and managed to see plenty of waders and gulls. Even in the gloom, with everything looking black and white, we could make out shelduck, curlew, redshank, dunlin, black-tailed godwits. lapwings, avocets and a huge flock of (mainly) black-headed gulls.

MT1D1286The view across the Blyth Estuary towards Soutwold

MT1D1262Shelduck, redshank and dunlin

MT1D1319Silhouette of a redshank in flight

MT1D1294Black-tailed godwits




We then moved on to RSPB Minsmere but, other than seeing common snipe from two of the hides, there was nothing of interest (at least we could see nothing of interest) and settled for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

MT1D1431Common snipe from the North Hide

MT1D1427Pied wagtail

MT1D1454Common snipe from the Wildlife Lookout

MT1D1449The only thing we saw from the Bittern Hide – a raptor on post D




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