24th December 2017 – Somerset Levels

It wasn’t really a day for photographs as it was very poor light (apologies for creating light in these photos where there really wasn’t light) but it’s worth posting a blog to show some of the things we saw at Westhay Moor and RSPB Ham Wall. It was quite mild and it is also worth mentioning that we had an al fresco picnic with friends on Christmas Eve at Ham Wall (no hiding in the car).

We saw plenty of gadwall at Westhay Moor, a great white egret, shovelers, tufted ducks,  wigeon and even a bull finch.




DSC05408Great white egret (flying right to left – just in case you can’ tell)

At Ham Wall there were more lapwings than anything else, a marsh harrier, several great white egrets, two glossy ibis and lots of mute swans in flight


DSC05421Glossy ibis among the lapwings

DSC05425Glossy ibis among the wigeon

DSC05635Mainly lapwings and wigeon

DSC05448Marsh harrier

DSC05547Great white egret

DSC05559Great white egret

DSC05560Great white egret

DSC05631Mute swan



We stayed along with several hundred people to see the murmurations of thousands upon thousands of starlings but, even though murmurations took place, they were all quite distant and difficult to see as they didn’t really rise above the horizon.


DSC05650Starlings making their way to join up with the massive roost


DSC05699Difficult to make out the starlings against the hills in the background

There was a bonus at the end as the sun appeared for the first time in the day just as it was setting.

DSC05704Mute swan

DSC05720Mute swan


Despite the disappointment of the murmurations it was a really splendid day out.

Click below for gallery of photos from today.



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