26th November 2017 – Chew Valley Lake

We went out to Chew Lake to try and see a hawfinch that had been reported but we had no luck.

The light was not too good so I was very happy to have lots of great white egrets to concentrate on.

DSC02558“I am considerably bigger than you” said the great white to the little egret





DSC02861Goosanders flying by

DSC02949Black-tailed godwit centre stage

DSC03004… before flying off with his mates.

DSC02649Lots of meadow pipits at Villice Bay (40+)

DSC03217… and pied wagtails at Villice Bay and Herons’ Green

DSC02938Lots of wigeon (and teal) too.

And in our garden before we left, a blackbird:



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