14th November 2017 – Chew Valley Lake

A morning free to go birding and the weather changes for the worse. Never mind, in between the rain I did manage a few shots of interest.

There are reported to be 30+ great white egrets on the lake and as I watched from Herons Green and Herriott’s Bridge I must have seen a good deal of them. Unlike the grey herons, which mainly stayed put in the same spot, they constantly moved around the lake.

MT1D9659Great white egret at Herons Green

MT1D9840Great white egret at Herriott’s

MT1D9770A grey heron with its catch and a tangle of weeds

MT1D9933Grey heron and little egret at Heron’s Green

MT1D9818Grey heron moving up a couple of metres at Herons Green

The lapwings were almost out of my range to get decent shots, as were the black-tailed godwits, but a few came relatively close as did a goosander.


MT1D9878Black-tailed godwits at Herons Green


MT1D9809The colour of the wigeon came through the dark grey light (above) as did the flash of green of the teal (below)


MT1D9924Great white egret in the rain

MT1D9628Great crested grebe near the dam

MT1D9947You can generally count on pied wagtails at Herons Green

Click below for gallery of shots from this morning:





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