6th November 2017 – Eastville Park

I went for a stroll around Eastville Park this morning and set off in the sunshine; but by the time I was down by the river the sun had disappeared and it was cold and dark and not much bird life around. However, after a chat with a few of the locals, the sun reappeared and a few birds made their appearance.

A kingfisher flashed by on the river, then a grey wagtail came close by and posed in a log.

The dipper was in its usual spot on the river and the grey heron was standing like a plastic model on the small island on the lake.

The black-headed gulls were keen to be fed by passers-by as well as plenty of mallards and a moorhen.

The dipper was still there sunning itself on the river bank as I headed home.

i still find the homeless people living in tents around the park quite upsetting.

DSC00772Grey wagtail




DSC00991Black-headed gulls pinching the pigeons’ food

DSC00992Grey heron



DSC01012Dipper stretching its wing


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