3rd October 2017 – Eastville Park

My first walk around Eastville Park for some time. There have been many sightings of otters recently but all I spotted were all the walkers who have seen the otters.

I did get two decent views of kingfishers; one which flew down the river, did a roll (showing off its orange breast) and disappeared over a fence; the other which flew down river showing its bright blue dorsal colours.

There are now two swans back on the lake, hopefully a couple.

The mallards are looking more attractive post eclipse.


I saw the back of a buzzard which was then mobbed by crows.

MT1D7503Back of a buzzard

It was good to see butterflies still and plenty of bees (and other insects).

MT1D7498Red Admiral




My best photo opportunity was a grey wagtail which hung around for a while.





Click below for gallery of this mornings photos:



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