27th August 2017 – Goldcliff and Newport Wetlands

We thought we would have a look on the other side of the Severn Estuary. It was a beautiful day: we started at Goldcliff saline lagoons near Newport with loads of waders (particularly ringed plovers) ; then had a picnic lunch (accompanied by long-tailed tits) on the estuary straight across from Portishead (see photo of the old Nautical School below); then walked around RSPB Newport Wetlands (where we saw very little).

Back in time to see Arsenal slaughtered by Liverpool (should have stayed out later!).

MT1D6325Loads of waders at Goldcliff


MT1D6321Ringed plovers 



MT1D6366Dunlin in flight

MT1D6398Long-tailed tit

MT1D6416Portishead “Nautical School”

FP5A4259Grey Heron at Newport Wetands


FP5A4297Little Grebe at Newport Wetlands

Click below for gallery of photos from today:


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