24th July 2017 – Newton St Loe, Bath

Our first ever visit to Newton St Loe: such a pretty village and a beautiful walk around Bath Spa University and its lakes.

We saw a swan and its cygnets, three grey herons and a little egret on the lake and a deer and a hare on the edges. As we walked close to the university there were loads of jackdaws and crows and a flock of a dozen long-tailed tits. On the way back we enjoyed watching the swallows and house martins collecting flies over the fields.









2 responses to “24th July 2017 – Newton St Loe, Bath”

  1. Hi Martin,
    Me and lauren run NSLBIRDING our blog below, really pleased you enjoyed my patch and really pleased to see a little Egret on top lake it’s our second ever !! we had one 23/01/2017 but nothing since. I guess the herons were chasing off the Egret ? Also a Hare see fewer a fewer of these great animals. Really enjoy your posts i always look to see where you;ve been πŸ™‚ Hope to catch up with you soon , cheers Wayne (NSL birding)


    • Thanks Wayne. We were too late back to send to Avon Birds but I should have tweeted and included you. I thought it was beautiful there. One of the herons knocked the little egret off the post near the boat house. When I have another chance to go I will tweet you to see if you are free to guide. πŸ™πŸ» Always follow you too. All the best.


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