16th June 2017 – Dunwich Heath and RSPB Minsmere

A Dartford warbler within a minute of starting our walk on Dunwich Heath, and so close, but a slow photographer only managed to capture the get away. But at moments like that you have to take in the beautiful surroundings.





At Minsmere the highlights were an adder in a wren’s nest (the chicks, we are told, escaped) and swallows at the sluice.

MT1D4484Black-tailed godwits take time out from feeding

MT1D4543Disputes on the scrape

MT1D4566Pied wagtail

MT1D4571Swallow deciding which way to go

“Bombing magpies is very tiring”

MT1D4631We are quite happy here, thank you”

MT1D4774Med gulls making the most of their holidays in the UK 

MT1D4784A common tern measures up the situation

The symbol of the RSPB – an avocet

MT1D4820Barnacle Geese and goslings

MT1D4827A gadwall cooling down

MT1D4882Not me guv!”

Click below for gallery of photos from today.

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